Do you feel the need to create a better, more enjoyable and integrated neighborhood community? Can individual citizens really make a difference? Would YOU – a young adult or a senior citizen, a working professional or a homemaker, a resident of the area or a citizen of the world – want to be a change agent for your community?

The Citizens 'Alliance is an organization registered under the society's registration act of 1860 and is a collective of citizens who desire to impact urban policy and governance. It intends to bridge the gap between ordinary people and people in positions of power, lobby for transparency in the functioning of the Government, create awareness among the residents about their rights and bring about social change and empower ordinary people to demand from the Government an efficient delivery of civic amenities and security to citizens.

The group is currently focused in the Greater Kailash-Alaknanda-CR Park Area of South Delhi but continues to draw citizens from across Delhi NCR.

Important Initiatives

Stop the Mall
A large number of residents of Alaknanda and Chitranjan park in South Delhi gathered together in a meeting of Save Alaknanda Andolan to protect their community centre land from blatant commercialization of their community land for a massive 7,30,000( seven Lakh thirty Thousand) square foot mall in their immediate vicinity. Read more
Election Festival
Citizens Meeting with Saurabh Bharadwaj (AAP), Virender Kasana (Congress) & Ajay Malhotra (BJP) Agenda Points Raised: Internal RWA Security Security within our constituency Proactive traffic management Sports facilities for Children and the community Freeing up of Pavements and Public land from Encroachments/ Illegal Occupation Development of Local Community Markets Last mile connectivity to Delhi Metro Read more
Save Our Pavements
Right to LIFE is our fundamental Right hence hurdle free footpaths are essential for our safety The right to drive and park is our legal right however this comes with a responsibility Read more