Do you feel the need to create a better, more enjoyable and integrated neighborhood community? Can individual citizens really make a difference? Would YOU – a young adult or a senior citizen, a working professional or a homemaker, a resident of the area or a citizen of the world – want to be a change agent for your community?

The Citizens 'Alliance is an organization registered under the society's registration act of 1860 and is a collective of citizens who desire to impact urban policy and governance. It intends to bridge the gap between ordinary people and people in positions of power, lobby for transparency in the functioning of the Government, create awareness among the residents about their rights and bring about social change and empower ordinary people to demand from the Government an efficient delivery of civic amenities and security to citizens.

The group is currently focused in the Greater Kailash-Alaknanda-CR Park Area of South Delhi but continues to draw citizens from across Delhi NCR.

Our Vision Statement

We envision a neighborhood that develops into a model example of positive citizens’ participation in their community fructifying into greater engagement with the political and functionaries to create an aesthetic public space and empowering community interactions.


Our Mission Statement

To create a dynamic and interlinked network of enlightened members who will support each other with skill and will, to live boldly inspiring lives. Citizens’ alliance commits to positively enhance & enrich the Socio-Economic-Political environment ensuring a better tomorrow for one and all through active engagement with fellow citizens and by demanding progressive accountability from the leadership of the country.

Citizens Alliance will also strengthen and support community development, facilitate networking amongst urban residents by various means, and partner with other like-minded groups to leverage knowledge and experience towards socio economic growth and empowerment of urban residents

We Expect

Code of expectations from a CA member

  1. Our aim is to improve our neighborhood through our own efforts, and to build a community that respects mutual interdependence.
  2. To do so we shall put in whatever efforts we can, and will take responsibility in line with our capabilities.
  3. If we cannot take responsibility or put in effort we shall willingly resign from the membership to yield way for others.
  4. We will not judge others and their efforts but shall concentrate on our own efforts to improve pur neighborhood.
  5. We shall try and involve as many others as is possible in improving our community and neighborhood be they CA members or not.
  6. We will be active in responding to all communications and freely air our thoughts; but we shall respect others time and will be brief in all our written and verbal communications.
  7. We recognize that not all good ideas can be implemented instantaneously and the path of change requires patience and perseverance.