Art in the Park,
W-Block Park, GK II
February 2014.

While Citizens' Alliance has been active in looking at and resolving a lot of serious community issues such as stopping the construction of a huge mall in our locality or making efforts to reclaim footpaths for everyone to walk freely, we thought it was time to engage with young children too. After all, they will be the future citizens who have to carry on the good work.

What better than to have an art session? CA invited Flavour of Art, an NGO that engages with children and adults to help express themselves through sketching, colouring and all things art. The idea was to get together children from the neighbourhood - CR Park, GK II, Alaknanda and Kalkaji - to have a morning full of fun and art.

So, on a cold wintry February morning we were pleasantly surprised to see a large turnout of parents, children, nannies and, of course, Flavour of Art and CA in full strength. The W-block park in GK 2 looked even prettier dotted with colour all over. After a brief introduction, almost like a story, by Rajiv Kakria of FOA the children scattered all over the park with their sketchbooks and colours looking for their muse. Some chose shrubs, some park benches, others trees and a few even other artists. The atmosphere was creatively tranquil. While FOA members went from child to child unobtrusively and guided them with a stroke here and a dot there, children and many parents had a whale of a time.

At 11 we decided to do community painting. Spreading long sheets of white banners all of us dipped our hands in paint and created fabulous trees and animals with handprints. The able guidance of FOA helped us create many more interesting things too.

After a fabulous three hours and numerous requests to repeat the session we decided to call it a day. With a round of juice and biscuits served by CA we dispersed from the park with a lot of memories and new friends.