You don't need to be a member to contribute. Only a citizen. A global citizen. Someone with the desire and inclination to work and better the conditions that prevail. We welcome volunteers from all ages. However, students must be be above 14 years to sign up as a volunteer. Volunteering is an excellent way to know your community and make a contribution. Youth volunteers receive special recognition and participation certificates. To become a volunteer, volunteer@citizensalliance.in or contact us.


Please make out check in favour of "The Citizens Alliance" and hand it over to a CA functionary mentioned in the Contact Us section.


The Citizens' Alliance membership forms may be easily downloaded, completed and sent to admin@citizensalliance.in We periodically conduct Members orientation programmes to induct new members in the system. Your journey to creating a better town begins when you commit to change things. Completing a Membership form certainly shows your commitment to contribute, however does not guarantee membership.

Contact us for more details.

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Suggest a Cause

Most initiatives that you see mentioned on our website have emerged as Citizens movements and endeavours that were suggested by residents / members / volunteers. So feel free to Suggest a Cause. Of course, suggesting a cause does not necessarily obligate Citizens' alliance to take up the issue, but allows the issue to be discussed, deliberated and reviewed. The best and most effective way to ensure that your suggested cause receives enough traction, is to apply to become a member or volunteer, albeit in a small way. Every citizen counts.