Stop the Mega Mall - Sunday 24th Feb 2013

A large number of residents of Alaknanda and Chitranjan park in South Delhi gathered together in a meeting of Save Alaknanda Andolan to protect their community centre land from blatant commercialization of their community land for a massive 7,30,000( seven Lakh thirty Thousand) square foot mall in their immediate vicinity.
Speaking on the Occasion Ashutosh Dikshit a resident of Mandakini said that land promised for community facilities and sports was sold without any consultations with residents quietly by the DDA in 2007 while residents did not get a whiff. He further stated that the already choked traffic would be very badly affected were a mall to come up. Air pollution, damaging affect of bars and pubs on children of four schools in the very immediate vicinity would be disastrous
Amar Singhani a resident of Aravali said that their lives are already made miserable by a DDA hall on the community centre land used for weddings which generates noise from fire crackers, bands and drunken revelry every night way past legal hours and flouting all norms of decency. He further stated that women are harassed by drunken youth and the centre is never available for local residents Vivek Sharma a lawyer and resident of NRI complex said that it is inconceivable that a mall is proposed which will destroy the peace of residents and make it impossible for emergency services to operate give already choked and thin roads. He said that security of women and senior citizens will be severely compromised
Ravi Kaimal Architect from Gangotri said that this showed a lack of application of mind and completely ignoring the rights of residents and their well being by the authorities
Laveesh Bhandari outlined the steps to be taken forward as eminent professional volunteered to form groups to oppose this mall in all fora
Sangeeta Tomar from Aravali and Bindu Prasad from Godavari said that the effect on children will be highly damaging given that they had no places to play and community areas promised for playing were sold off quietly to corporate house in the middle of 4-5 schools. A unanimous resolution was adopted by residents to oppose the proposed mall and take immediate steps